Just Being Me

At 12:26AM (Phnom Penh time) I should be sleeping, but I’m a little too excited to set this blog up and write my first entry.

This page is called “justbeingarnie” not because I want to be the center of the Universe (although that can be quite appealing), but because I want to put down on a virtual paper how I feel about what’s going on around me, and how I -Arnie – deal with it.

So, every so often, I will be relating my experiences here. Most, I feel, will be joyful, others perhaps a tad sad, while others may be scary or, hmmm, plain stupid.

But one thing is for sure: in every single entry, I will share a nugget of truth and wisdom as I experience this life just being Arnie…

(And, as if on cue, I’m beginning to feel sleepy)


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